Using the latest computer aided engineering design software, we can create conceptual models, animation and manufacturing documentation to meet your product development requirements; as well as an estimated cost in line with real-time manufacturing costs. All our new product designs are developed with instruction manuals and catalogues as required. 


Our compliance engineers are involved from the very beginning of every project so that the final piece of equipment will meet all of the regulatory requirements that will apply to it, including UL, CE, etc.


We can build and assemble varying types of industrial process machines to encompass mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems in ambient, high/low temperature, pressurised or vacuum environments. Bespoke software solutions are also provided.


Each piece of equipment assembled is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets all of the design criteria, functionality and regulatory specification required of it.

Installation & Commissioning

Worldwide installation and commissioning services are available from experience installation engineers, including advise of civil works that maybe necessary at customer’s premises.

Technical Support

Following installation on going technical support in the form of preventative maintenance and service programs are available.